Been together since mid 2002. Karsten and B.T. did time in the infamous BLOWJOBS, Daichi Dog was in MESS-AGE. The NAZI DOGS started playing shows in early 2003, it was back then kinda hard to get gigs under that name, which is a real shame, as you lovers of true and uncompromising punk rock will agree…!!

Anyways, we only played like 10 shows all in all until May 2004, when we decided to enter a studio and cut some tracks for a demo. Karstens knee was fucked up then, but he succeeded in sneaking into California on September 11th, where he hooked up with Mark and TKO Records to talk about a record. Back in Germany, the NAZI DOGS recorded some more tracks and played more and more shows.

After a European tour with Finnish punk band RATTUS in May 2005, ZCM Records from Zürich put out the vinyl version of the NAZI DOGS.. first full lengh entitled “Chase the Man”. The CD version came out April 2006 on TKO Records. German punk label DrunknRoll Records also released a NAZI DOGS 7″ in March 2006 called “Money Taker”. It contained two bitchin surf instrumentals (..Wipeout.. and ..Pipeline..) plus two non LP tracks.

NO FRONT TEETH Rec. from London caught the infamous NAZI DOGS alive and kicking in London City in September 2006 and filmed this glorious event…so NO FRONT TEETH Rec. and DRUNK..N..ROLL Rec. from Berlin have released some 9 track CD including 3 videos from our show live at the 12 BAR in London City (early 2007) !! Its called “Good Vibrations and Vicious Transmissions” and includes 3 live videos !

NAZI DOGS, this wild bunch of mother fuckers have finally recorded their 2nd full lengh called “Old habits die hard” !! During some really, reeeeeaaaaally long session of substance and cheap beer abuse (actually lasting from August to December 2007), we managed to get our shit together and have mixed and mastered a fabulous piece of sleazy, annoying and wreckless rock..n..roll…songs like “Take your medicine”, “Down in Afghanistan”, “Fade away”, “Private hell” (14 killers all in all) will blow your innocent mind – no doubt about that.

Wanda Records from Naumburg/Germany released a 7″ with two songs from this album.The 7″ is called LATEX LOVE and contains this smash hit plus “Private Hell” and Bonus Track “Bummer Bitch” on the b-side.

KIDS UNION RECORDS from China released the full lengh entitled “Old Habits Die Hard” in May 2009 for China & whole Asia.

NIKOTINE Records from Italy released the CD version of “Old habits die hard” for Europe and the US.

Later in the summer of 2009, WANDA Records from Germany pressed the vinyl version.

2013Wanda Records from Naumburg released that bitchin´ 6 track Mini LP “NAZI DOGS” in 2012, and needless to say, we talk about high-class punk bombers like “Do you wanna score” or “Morphin”.

In June 2015 the NAZI DOGS released on WANDA RECORDS their new E.P. “SPIT SPIT SPIT”.


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